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We are inviting NHS and Key Workers to Take a Seat with Hampers for Heroes

It is universally acknowledged that the Covid pandemic has brought about many mental health problem to the forefront in our communities. Our wonderful key workers who have kept our communities going have often placed others needs ahead of their own throughout the last year.

It helps to talk

Coming through a pandemic is not easy. We all have ways of coping but sometimes you need to talk to someone. Talking helps to unravel the knots and ease the stress, and there is no shame in needing to ask for help.

Every month five key workers will be put forward to receive 10 sessions of cognitive therapy funded by Hampers for Heroes. These sessions will be run by Take a Seat with a qualified and verified therapist. These nominations will be kept confidential, and only passed on to Take a Seat for a point of contact.

For clarity: if we have more than five nominations per month, a recipient will be randomly chosen for the sessions. You may always re-apply if you are not successful straight away.

Take a Seat - it helps to talk

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